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Llanharan Community Council serves the communities of Llanharan, Brynna, Brynnau Gwynnion, Bryncae, Llanilid and Ynysmaerdy.  The formation of the Community Council was in 1974, under the Local Government Act 1972 as the successor to the former old Parish Councils.

The Community comprises of three wards, with 14 Councillors. Each ward has Councillors for that area, 6 covering Llanharan (including Ynysmaerdy), 6 covering Brynna (including Brynna Gwynnion) and 2 for Llanilid (including Bryncae).  The Councillors represent our community, providing local views on planning, listening to and advising residents as well as providing a link with the local authority.  Representative Councillors have an active interest in their communities and work in partnership with residents, local groups and collaborate with other Councils when necessary.

Councillors help provide local services and take decisions that form the policy of the Council.  Councillors are entitled to a taxable allowance in accordance with the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales which makes recommendations to Welsh Government, they have to abide by a Local Government Code of Practice, declaring any financial, personal or prejudicial interest in any matter under discussion at a Council meeting. Councillors are elected by local residents or co-opted by the Council.

The Council meets on the third Thursday of every month (except August) and all are welcome to observe these meetings. Forthcoming dates and documents can be viewed in the Committees and minutes – Full Council section of this website.

The Annual General Meeting of the Council is held in May and the Chair and Deputy-Chair are elected by the Councillors and Committees and  Working Groups are formed.

The Council employs 4 staff providing administration, legal and financial services and general maintenance of areas within our responsibility.

The Council provides over 100 allotment plots at Bridgend Road, Jubilee Street and Pendre.

Grant Aid is made available to all local voluntary organisations and funding provided for the senior citizens’ Christmas dinners, summer floral displays the annual firework display and other local events and activities.

The Council assists with funding for a number of local organisations.

The Council provides and maintains over 40 bus shelters and benches, looks after over 37 miles of footpaths and bridleways, maintains its open spaces and play areas at Meadow Rise, Llanharan Skateboard park and Mountain Hare, along with the maintenance of the war memorials located on Hillside Avenue (Llanharan) and St Peter’s Churchyard (Brynna), memorial gardens and clocks in Brynna and Llanharan.

The Council provides 17 defibrillators around the community for use of life saving.

Llanharan thrived during the British Industrial Revolution, with several tin and coal mines in the location providing employment to the village residents.  The Community benefits through its proximity to the M4 Motorway and railway station.  Community and Town Councils are the most local level of government in England and Wales and are independent of Borough Councils although they maintain a close working relationship.

In Wales there are 735 local councils, in Rhondda Cynon Taff there are 12 Community and Town Councils.

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