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Local Development Plan

Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council – Revised Local Development Plan (2020 – 2030) and Call for Candidate Sites

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inform you that Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council are to begin the official Revision of their current Local Development Plan (LDP).  The Revised Local Development Plan (RLDP) (2020-2030) will replace the current LDP (2006-2021).

Following Council approval in July, Welsh Government then agreed to the Delivery Agreement for the RLDP on September 14.  The Revision will follow formal stages of preparation through to adoption in early 2024.

The LDP is a statutory land use planning document which sets out a vision for the County Borough and allocates land for development such as housing, employment, retail and tourism.  It also has policies to protect the environment and increase public green space and will seek to reduce carbon emissions – whilst encouraging appropriate renewable energy production.  The LDP plays a leading role in determining decisions on planning applications to the Council.

The first stage of the process is the Call for Candidate Sites, where the Council invites land or buildings to be submitted for inclusion in the RLDP.  The sites will be considered, and if appropriate they will be allocated in the Plan.

Sites can be submitted by all, including private landowners and developers, and also for a range of uses.  In-depth guidance has been prepared by the Council to assist in the submission and assessment of sites.

Further information regarding the RLDP process in general and the specific Call for Candidate Sites, (and how to submit them), can be seen on our website at the following location:


The Call for Candidate Sites is the first of many phases of engagement and consultation in the RLDP preparation process.  The sites put forward will be assessed and collated into a Candidate Sites Register.  This will be published alongside the ‘Preferred Strategy’ stage of the RLDP, which itself will be prepared over the coming year.  A Deposit RLDP will then be produced and consulted upon in 2022, before being considered by an independent Planning Inspector in 2023.

You will continue to be consulted on the various stages of the RLDP preparation process over coming months and years.  You may also be asked to be involved and engaged in the future stages of the process, subject to yourselves being willing, of course.

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